Who can use Free Plagiarism Checker?

The answer is literally anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do if you are in need to run a plagiarism check you can use a plagiarism software. Writers and freelancers, trying to get their work published can use it to ensure that they are delivering plagiarism free and unique content. Teachers can use it to check the assignments, essays, and research papers that the students may submit. Identification of plagiarism can help them guide the learners for future. Students can use plagiarism checker to check the authenticity of their work before submitting it. Plagiarized work can result in lower grades, failure, detention or even expulsion.

Academic dishonesty is broad term that refers to any form of unauthorized information, material or assistance used by students to furnish any academic exercise. Globally, governments and national institutions follow various versions of academic dishonesty. Rules, laws, and policies toward educational malpractices can vary from region to region. This slows down the efforts to get rid of such practices. Often students who pursue education in foreign educational institutions lead to a cultural clash in terms of education standards. That is why institutions are trying to inculcate a standardized culture of authorization and ownership among students. Laws and their successful execution are likely to lead towards a wider scope of anti plagiarism software services.

So if you are interested to know whether your content is plagiarized or not, with an exact match of the original source you should use plagiarism checker.