How many times can I run a plagiarism check?

Apart from being a free plagiarism checker, there also isn’t any limit. This is an entirely online and free plagiarism checker tool that you can use as many times as you need. We wanted to create a plagiarism software that anyone can use anytime and anywhere, without worrying about the price or membership plan.

Plagiarism has become a common issue in almost all the societies and cultures. It can lead to severe consequences for both the one who plagiarizes and the one whose work has been plagiarized. To overcome the ever increasing problem of plagiarism, the number of plagiarism detection services has also increased. However, not all of these services are free or convenient to use.

The internet has offered us great convenience and an opportunity to learn regardless of time and distance. Now we can access the wealth of information without leaving our school or home. While this has led to a boost in eLearning and made it a lot easier to find the required information, it has also made it much easier for people to plagiarize the content that they usually stumble upon. As a result, people often turn to free plagiarism checker to make sure that the work they received is free of copied material or the work they are going to submit or use is 100% original.

This is free plagiarism software program that allows you to run a plagiarism check for a particular text unlimited number of times. Our goal is to let our users enjoy the convenience they desire and hence, we offer the unlimited free access.